Clinical Development for the Digital Age

Faro is a digital clinical protocol development platform that helps teams understand in real time the impact of their decisions. See how you can reduce your patient and site burden.

We’re here to improve lives by simplifying clinical research.

Simplify clinical protocol development with a platform designed by clinical development teams and software experts. Improving diversity, patient centricity and cycle metrics starts with using a platform designed for all trial stakeholders to collaborate and understand the impact of their decisions in real time, together.
Simplify the Complex
Master Complexity
We help reduce unnecessary complexity and customization in clinical protocols by providing a standards based library of assessment and measurements augmented with both public and proprietary data sources to help teams visualize the impact on cycle metrics that inform critical decisions.
Design with Confidence
Put the Patient at the Center
Visualize the patient journey and associated site burden in real time.
Foster Innovation
All in One Place
No more bouncing between documents, spreadsheets, and niche workflow apps to get things done. Faro brings all of your words, data and team into one flexible surface.

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